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  May, 2006—OTS members get together at Dave's to listen to one speaker

OTS Monaural
  Dave adjusts a stereo amp he designed using a Heathkit power transformer from an old Heath mono integrated amp, and the original Heathkit aluminum chassis.  No other Heathkit parts were used.  The design is all original, with two 12AU7s in SRPP, and two 45s.  The output transformers are Jack Elliano's Electra Print TM3KB, wired for 4 Ohm out.  It puts out 1.5 Watts into 8 Ohms, which is all you can squeeze out of class A standing power that is powered by a limited current Heathkit power transformer (which was built for a more efficient AB1 mono amplifier).  Crossover comes before the amplifier, and was designed by Jennifer, fed by an inexpensive Grado cartridge.  Excellent, as usual

OTS Monaural
The horn loaded cabinet was built by an engineer in April 1956, to JBL specifications.  Tony added concrete and a tensioner to reduce cabinet vibrations.  It has a JBL D130 woofer, and Tony mounted the JBL 075 tweeter in a 1:4.5 scaled down look-alike cabinet.

OTS Monaural
Monaural: Alfred "sees the light" the sound???

OTS Monaural
Jerry, Dave, Chris, Don; Tony, Alfred (holding LP "Johnny Hodges - Ellingtonia '56 (Norgran MGN 1055; Verve MGV 8145)"

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