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  July, 2004óLocal chapters of the Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society and the Columbia River Organ Club (CROC) held and "open console" at the Oaks Park skating rink, and invited the OTS to come and record their Mighty WirliTzer.  Mark, Jerry and Curt hauled microphones, stands, cables and recorders to capture the sound.

Recording the Mighty WurliTzer
CROC organist Lynn Jackson at the console.  This booth is adjacent to the pipes, but outside the skating rink itself.  It has a half-glassed window so the player can hear the organ.  However, there's quite a delay from the time a key is pressed, its relays react, the air to the pipe is released, the pipe speaks, and the resulting sound travels back to the console.  The organist must have a great sense of timing and rhythm!

Recording the Mighty WurliTzer
The pipes and other instruments hang from the ceiling above the center of the rink

Recording the Mighty WurliTzer
Mark is ready with his Otari 5050-B.  Jerry's direct-to-CD recorder is in the foreground

Recording the Mighty WurliTzer
Microphones.  Though it's hard to get a great stereo recording of an instrument whose sound radiates to 360 degrees, ours came out pretty nice

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